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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  December 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> this is wcvb newscenter five. phil: breaking news. every woman tied up -- a pregnant woman tied up during a home invasion. heather: a robert tied her up. her teenage daughter were is also that was also in the home at the time. one suspect is a under arrest, but another may have gotten away. both the mother and daughter have taken to a hospital to be checked out. the extent of their injuries are unclear. j.c.: health officials confirm it was the normal virus that may dozens of boston college students sick after eating at the chipotle in cleveland circle. phil: lets get to newscenter 5' s mary saladna live in brighton where the effort to clean up is underway. >> you can see those efforts
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employees are washing this place from ceiling to floor. we did get lab results back from the public health officials. it was norovirus that sickened dozens of people at this restaurant. 65 cases confirmed in college 80 students site. the restaurant is shut down three serious violations. cooked chicken and steak being held below the proper temperature. and employees working despite being secre sick. pertain to this location. >> we have had no reported incidents and other restaurants print based on our protocol line with the way we should be.
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knowingly allowed an employee to report in sick. there are a number of relations that will have to be followed before they will reopen this location. phil: gop front-runner donald trump is standing by his daughter marshall comments to bar muslims from the united states. his opponents are not great newscenter 5' s janet wu is live in manchester, new hampshire. campaign trail. >> it is. who is running sixth on the campaign trail. he knows the entourage of reporters covered him today because of donald trump. the heck out of him. jeb bush tried to push off reporters and their questions about trump as long as possible , but during his speech to frustrations spilled out. my belief, my guess is that you'
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s going to sit behind the big desperate -- the big desk. not necessarily who' s fueling my frustration. meanwhile trump was doubling down on his proposal to ban muslims from coming into the country, interviewing every network. getting far more air time than any of his opponents. >> this proposal has been met by intelligent people with great popularity. it is a time until our countries can figure out what is going on. >> trump said he would allow enter the country but he had no problem being compared to hilter, saying the better comparison is fdr. >> you are praising fdr, the setting up of interment camps? >> no i am not . >> i do not think donald trump we need a serious plan and we' re living in a serious time and we need real leadership.
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hilary clinton for sure . >> donald trump always plays on fears. trump as a blowhard but insisted that he nomination. >> hillary clinton also speaking out to bash his proposal, prejudice and divisive. keywords trending on social media after his statements immigration. >> the fbi is following up on disturbing new development. >> we have learned that asians are now investigating and hair
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activity at an office building in downtown los angeles. the question is, is there a link to the shooters? as we hear first hand accounts from survivors in the room. >> receiving an employee of the year award. the 27-year-old also surviving the shooting with help from her colleagues. >> he said, i got you. >> huddling under a table in a conference room with their friend. he did not survive, and she believe he saved her life. >> did not realize at the time, he saved our whole family. >> we are learning more about how he and his wife prepared. they have surveillance tape of the killers taking target practice around the los angeles area.
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see him shooting his assault rifle. involves a man who provided the rifles. he was questioned for much of the day by the fbi. >> firearms and rifles got from marquez to him and his wife. >> he provided the fbi information not previously known to agents, and they are wondering whether others could be charged as accomplices. j.c.: crews in lynn demolishing in a fire last friday. sonia cruz, her sister, a niece and nephew were all killed. investigators are still trying they' re asking anyone with photos or video to turn them in. >> harvey joins us now.
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not much rain fell. harvey: a touch in a few spots. s and low s. and then the breeze is off the feeling. behind. because of that low-level northeasterly wind we do have a little bit of light rain and drizzle from quincy on to just about i-95 and route southward. looking ahead, we will see some breaks in the clouds, but still a lot of cloudiness around. not too much wind for tomorrow, different from today. there will be temperature
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j.c.: the double murder trial of aaron hernandez may be postponed. it was to have started january 16. now both sides are asking judge to delay jury selection beyond that date while an appeal over certain evidence is hurt. friend is is charged with two south end murders in 2012. he is serving life for another murder in 2013. the jury in the trial of the danvers high school student accused of two killing his teacher will likely get the case tomorrow. the defense rested today after a debate over the insanity defense. >> they ended another chapter in the trial of philip chisholm. he is accused of killing kathleen danvers two years ago. his attorneys are building an insanity defense, and they brought in witnesses over the last two days to bring in a defense. the prosecution is refuting some
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she gave several tests which determined he was faking system -- symptoms. >> he was attempting to fake and to demonstrate that he was severely mentally ill. >> another doctor showed him these inkblots, and he had increased teenage tendencies but was not psychotic. >> i believe he does that more often than other 16-year-olds, but it did not rise to the level of psychosis or delusional thinking. >> the jury would be gone -- "is on thursday or friday. there is evidence conflicts and what can be discussed phil: all clear at somerset high school following this morning' s bomb threat.
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five investigates tonight. one lawmaker taking action to curb the alarming rate of corrections officer suicides in the state. investigative reporter kathy curran brought this heartbreaking issue to light a few weeks ago and now kathy, there is call for change. >> the numbers are staggering. according to data obtained by 5 investigates, more than a dozen corrections officers have taken their lives in recent years. now there' s a bill on beacon hill that may help. >> we have the highest prisoner suicide population in the country and the highest correction officer suicide in the country. >> senator james eldridge says those alarming facts prompted him to file legislation to setup a special commison to study the problem inside the walls of our state prisons. >> unfortunately, the department of corrections has had a culture of silence and not admitting the problems. >> the senator represents the district that includes the souza baranowski correctional center where corrections officers nate
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violently attacked by inmates. since that day both co' s have been out of work suffering from physical injuries, depression, support. all common issues facing many men and women working at the department that have led to an increase in the number of correction officer suicides. 5 investigates discovered 14 have taken their own lives in the past 5 1/2 years. >>? what needs to change? >> the whole system. they need to pay attention to what is going on and they need to be more proactive. >> they need to improve the conditions. >> the department is working with the union and taking part in a study to improve treatment and to identify and measure the effect of stress on the well being of corrections officers. we' ve learned last year 311 co' s were referred to the department' s employee assistance unit for help. kathy curran, 5 investigates.
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deer hunt is over. as of monday 53 deer were killed in the controlled hunt the first inside the reservation' s borders in 100 years. state officials say the hunt was necessary to protect the environment, prevent lyme disease, and cut down on deer-car collisions. but the hunt angered animal welfare activists, who called for contraceptives instead of bullets. more controversy tonight surrounding the chicago police department. phil: new video of a violent jail cell encounter. the reason it' s being released years later and the response from the suspect' s family tonight. jc: caught on camera, a severed pig head thrown at a mosque. the focus of the fbi investigation right now. phil: a new hampshire father facing charges tonight. the dangerous move he made involving his child that ended with his arrest. jc: they are a new form of potentially life saving mammograms one major insurance carrier isn' t covering them. why one doctor calls it a big
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phil: breaking news from houston texas we want to show you right now. this is a large fire burning at an apartment complex in houston, texas. you can see at least four sections of the apartment complex in full cult in flames right now. roads in that area have been shut down. people are being told to stay away from the scene. right now we do not have any reports of injuries, but this is a massive apartment complex and you can see firefighters fighting it from the groundbreaking they have letters
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j.c.: the terrifying crash caught on camera in florida. watch as a freight train slams into this car in orlando. the honda got stuck on the tracks. a group of people tried to push it off. when that didn' t work, the driver and passenger stepped away. and just in time. luckily no one was hurt. in philadelphia, the fbi is investigating what may be a grotesque case of anti-muslim bigotry. watch closely as security camera video shows a red pickup truck passing a local mosque. someone throws a severed pig' s head onto the sidewalk. the truck then speeds away. a local arab organization spokesman says the intent was clear. >> the intent of the person who did that was obviously a hate crime. it was an attempt to deface a religious institution. j.c.: police say the pig' s head incident may be related to a threatening voice mail that was left at the same mosque last month. phil: another disturbing video has the chicago police department under fire once
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this one shows police interacting with a jailed suspect who later died at the hospital. that video is from 3 years ago. tonight the suspect' s family week, but had no idea this video was going to be released. >> s police department questions after the release of using a taser on a man inside a a hall. he later died. cindy: not a thug. chicago police scenario. >> the man, 30 eight-year-old philip died from an allergic drug reaction at the hospital. >> somebody in this city needs to be responsible for killing my son. >> this happened in december of 2012 and the judge ruled the officers were justified.
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writing in a statement, i do not see how the manner in which he was physically treated possibly be acceptable. this new video coming on the release of two other dash cam videos showing police involved shootings in chicago no charges in one case but murder charges in the other. prompting the department of justice to announce it will review policing policies. >> as for coleman' s family, they are now suing claiming excessive force contributed to the his death even though he suffered from mental health issues. the prosecution rested today in the trial of the first baltimore police officer accused in the death of freddie gray. the 25-year-old black man died a week after his neck was broken during a 45-minute ride in handcuffs and leg shackles in the back of police van. officer william porter, who is also black, is the first of six officers charged in connection with gray' s death. he' s facing up to 25 years in prison. >> there is no way you can not
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between yesterday and today. a lot more normal to where we are supposed to be. harvey: this is exactly normal. we have been spoiled. and we will get spoiled again. right now we have a light rain and drizzle. it is only in some local locations because of a low level wind coming in off the water. it is depositing some very light mist, just enough to make a murky evening compute this commute. very close to i-95 and route 1 here is the reason. that went out of the northeast, coming from the northeast is chilly air. it picks up a little bit of moisture and that is the result. it is cool, and chilling. whatever adjective you want to say.
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low to mid 40' s as you head toward plymouth and cape cod. in boston with very light rain and drizzle falling. the breeze out of the northwest at 16 miles per hour. tonight temperatures are going to be predicated on whether or not we get some clearing later tonight. we also have to watch carefully areas that have a little bit of dampness. if these nuclear and draw over evening they could set of black ice. if you -- if it gets colder, we will have to valuate that. temperatures may be similar today, maybe up a notch or two. glimpses of sunshine are possible. i do not think we will have an tremendous amount of sunshine widespread through the area tomorrow. not only seeing the rain access with a little bit of missed around i-95, but notice how quick the next area cloudiness
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we do not have extensive areas of clear skies, but none of these are very strong. no big precipitation producers on the way over the next few days. here is future cast showing some breaks in the overcast at times are over the clouds eventually win out. in the damp weather may have been overnight far night into thursday morning. value. thursday afternoon, the wind will be coming out of the south and it may be milder. this is what i want to point as we get through the weekend. on the even though last weekend was very mild it looks like we will be pretty similar this weekend as well. there you go tomorrow by a lot of clouds, glimpses of sign for s. on thursday, the temperature s even if we do
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any bit of rain overnight, from very weak systems, it does not look like a whole lot. we are talking about a very 50' s -- upper 50' s and the high around 60 degrees this weekend with sunshine and then clouds. it looks very pleasant, nice to be outdoors. somewhat weather for the very beginning of next week. it will lead to cooler weather but not immediately to very cold weather. phil: thank you. cannot wait to see what' s heading to your mailbox? the post office is testing out a new feature that sends you email notifications with pictures of your mail. those who sign-up will be alerted every morning except sundays through a digital inbox. it will show the front side of you can actually see if the check is in the mail. j.c.: that is a good point. the most of the year you do not
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in the mail, but this is fine. phil: new details about the dangers of e-cigarettes. jc: on the health alert, the troubling link made by harvard researchers. phil: sales of girl scout cookies skyrocketing. the tool that' s giving the old favorite a boost. jc: new at six a diamond ring. kettle. made. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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j.c.: a warning for smokers tonight. harvard researchers say a flavoring chemical linked to severe respiratory disease has been found in most e-cigarettes. the chemical has been connected to a condition known as popcorn lung that first appeared in workers who inhaled artificial butter flavoring from microwave popcorn. researchers say the findings show there is still a lot to be learned about the dangers of e-cigarettes. phil: here' s something kind to do this holiday season. you can make a little new york girl' s dream come true. five-year-old safyre terry was severely burned in a fire at her home two years ago. her father and 3 younger siblings were killed. this holiday season she is hoping to receive as many holiday cards as possible. she just once the cards. for safyre' s address and more about her story log onto our website j.c.: how excited she will be. the connecticut man accused of stealing remains from a worcester mausoleum is back in court. phil: the order issued by the judge and the reason why the
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skeletal remains. jc: special recognition for one of boston' s top hospitals. the difference in treatment one
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>> from boston' s news later, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30 p.m. phil: breaking news at 5:30, a pregnant woman tied up during a home invasion in quincy. police tell us that woman'
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